Full Social Membership

This is “full” membership and members may use the courts at all times (first come, first served – no pun intended – basis), including on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. On Saturday afternoons play is organised in a way to allow all present fair time to play and balls are provided by the club. The same applies to play on a Wednesday evening, when the club also provides the lights.

Weekday Members

Members may use the courts at any time (first come, first served basis), except on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Members have to provide their own balls and organize their own games (fellow players).

Junior Members*

Junior membership* is restricted to full time students and can be for either Full Social Membership or Weekday Membership at a reduced rate.

* Junior Membership is for full time students and comes with the cost and privileges of membership. The club also has a free programme to help younger children to enjoy tennis and start to learn basic tennis skills. See Junior Club to find out more.

There are also discounts for families (from 3rd member).

The fee for Full Social members includes GNTA and TSA affiliation fees.

Membership types can be summarized as follows:

Eldoraigne Tennis Membership Table

* Weekday members may participate on Wed. evenings and Sat. afternoons for an additional ‘per day’ fee (currently R10).

Application form (pdf) with current prices.


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