Junior Club

Junior Club

Why? What? How?

Eldoraigne Tennis Junior Club is an initiative by Eldoraigne Tennis to develop ball skills, and specifically tennis skills, in children. It is a service provided by the club to the community of Centurion.

Ball sports develop children’s motor skills, concentration, balance, coordination, and spatial orientation. This also benefits the child when doing school work and performing other tasks.

The skills are learned through fun and games taking place on our tennis courts under the guidance of a qualified tennis coach and club members.

It is primarily aimed at children who can be considered ‘beginners’ in tennis terms. At the start of the activities, children are divided into groups according to their skills so that subsequent activities will be at a level relevant to the child.

Children can join the programme as and when it suits them and their parents. There is no obligation to attend every event and children can join at any time.

During the events, the tuck shop at the club is open to provide children and their parents with refreshments. Most Fridays the club also sells simple meals so parents can relax and not worry about the Friday evening meal.

Parents are requested to join the WhatsApp group to stay informed about the next events, the meal that will be available, and any other news (such as interference by weather). The information is also available on our Facebook Page

Come join us for a fun time!

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